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Keep Calm and Relax


Chill out by eating

Delightful relaxation

Wanna chill out or enjoy some delicious tapas instead? Why chose, have both! Allow yourself a cocktail while you let yourself be spoiled by the fresh creations of our creative mastermind Axel and his chef team.

And if you feel like it, let us take you to the top, to our OCEAN VIEW balcony.

We will fit in with you

Dine and feel good?

Sure Don’t worry, no wish is too special. You don’t want, you are not allowed or you just can’t eat something particular? No problem, we will fit in with you. And vegetarian or vegan menus? Not a thing to be mentioned. We make everything possible!

Zero-mile food

What can you expect?

Everything! But mainly grown in Zanzibar and fresh. No matter if it is breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner, all the international and regional dishes, refined by our German chef are creations which mainly consist of seasonal and regional ingredients.

Ready when you’re hungry

Short and crisp

  • Opened early mornings till late evening
  • Early draw our attention to your special nutrition requests
  • Food and drinks chargeable in Dollar, TSH and Euros
  • Possible payments: Cash and credit cards