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An Intimate Beach Front Hotel

Nur Beach Hotel

Welcome to Nur Beach, a relaxed 10-Bungalow Jambiani beach front resort, intimately placed amid the velvety white sand of the south-eastern coast of Zanzibar Island. Palm trees dance in the wind, turquoise waves caress the shoreline, and our outstretched beach area invites you to inhale the sunny side of life or simply regroup in the coolness of the shade.

Nur’s location makes it easy to explore both Jambiani village and beach. Within the main building, you’ll find our spacious launch restaurant and bar. This is your go-to location to fuel yourself with fresh food and to satisfy your thirst with a range of flavourful hydration. There is no wrong choice. No matter which of the ten bungalows you take, you’ll give yourself a restorative sleep while a gorgeous pool and glorious ocean await you at any hour of the day.

Make Unforgettable Memories

Our Services

For logistians

Need transport-services for your arrival, departure or during your stay? Whether it is a sightseeing tours, an excursion, an airport transfer or just going out in the evening – we will be your chauffeur!

For discoverers

With Nur located in the heart of Jambiani Village, it’s easy to discover the neighbourhood with our bicycles, by foot or on a guided village tour. With so much to see and do in Zanzibar, Nur is a great place to set up base plan and organise your Zanzibar adventure.

For the neat guys

You would love to wear your favourite shirt or dress once again? Sure. Pass over your washing and we will clean and iron it for a good price. You can count on us!

Locally handcrafted

Our philosophy

We highly value the support of the region. That’s why every furniture is gently handmade in our workshop and from a Zanzibarian craftsman.

Pure local handcraft

No matter if it’s the East-African Makuti-Roof (build out of coconut palm leaves) or the unique designed accessories, it’s all originally from this island.

We care for traditions

Our mostly own designed furnitures are made out of recycled wood. The wood is taken from discarded old Dhow-sailing boats and Ngalawa-fishing boats. We sometimes also bring driftwood that stranded on the beach back to life. This makes every item a truly unique piece of art.

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